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I am overlooking a Exchange Server running Windows Server 2008. Outlook 2007 is used for emails, and Avast endpoint protection suite plus is installed on the server. Currently I have a transport log, and the Avast Anti-spam shield running. Looking at the Agent logs shows that some spam is being marked with an appropriate SCL but there is also very obvious spam that isn't being marked OR is being marked with a low SCL. What could be causing this SPAM to get such low SCL scores? and what can I do to fix this issue?

Avast Anti-Spam Main settings are as follows:

Sensitivity: High
Mark in subject of spam and phishing messages is set (matches the transport log on the exchange server)
MS outlook only: Automatically move spam messages to the junk folder.

Exchange Anti-Spam settings are as follows:

Content Filtering: Enabled: Reject Messages that have an SCL rating greater than or equal to "6"

Transport Rules settings are as follows:

Apply rule to messages when the subject field contains *** S SPAM *** or *** C SPAM ***
set the SCL to "8"
except when the message is from the users that are "inside the organization"

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