Author Topic: Avast and Hotmail Problems. Are our PCs safe with their AV?  (Read 1300 times)

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Avast and Hotmail Problems. Are our PCs safe with their AV?
« on: January 26, 2014, 10:54:41 PM »
I have used a paid up version of Avast for nearly 2 yrs.  I have several Hotmail accounts that have always run trouble free along side Avast until Avast nagged me to download the lastest version so I update from 2014.9.0.2006 to 2014.9.0.2011   It was from then on every time I tried to access Hotmail I got the error message <body onload="javascriptrd()"

I deactivated Avast useing the 10 min option but still could not access Hotmail.  By doing a 'system restore' I was able to go back to the 2014.9.0.2006 version and was able to use Hotmail as normal.  I raised a ticket with Avast support and during our correspondence over many days they gave me about 8 different fixes for the problem and none of them worked even though they told me they had cracked it.

While going back and forth between the 2 versions useing 'system restore'  that my PC throw a wobbly and stopped working completely.  Eventually I had to do a clean install of my OS Win XP PRO.  Hotmail came back to life, then I downloaded the free version of Avast to get me secure.  Then although I could get Hotmail and see my 'in box' I could not open any emails.  Disabling Avast made no difference and it was only after I disabled the Avast add-ons in 'Manage Add-ons' was I able to read emails.

So what is going on at Avast?  Do they really know whats going on?  Are they experts in software as they tell us they are?   Does Avast AV actually work?  Are our computers safe in teir hands??
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Re: Avast and Hotmail Problems. Are our PCs safe with their AV?
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2014, 12:20:20 AM »
You probably need to do a clean install...
Download and save the avast uninstall tool
Download and save your choice...
Avast Internet Security

Run the uninstaller from above. You will be directed to reboot into safe "yes".
Install choice from above. Use the "custom" install. You may need to either de-select the "browser protection" or disable the "avast online security" add-on in your browser(s).
Reboot and either register or insert license.
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Re: Avast and Hotmail Problems. Are our PCs safe with their AV?
« Reply #2 on: January 27, 2014, 12:22:04 AM »
The avast! online security add-on has plenty of issues.

I recommend you disable it until all of it problems are resolved.

It does not affect your protection since the Web Shield scans all HTTP traffic and does the malicious blocking.

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