Author Topic: Why this site isn't blocked anymore? Well, malware has been closed!  (Read 1018 times)

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Known javascript malware:
Flagged here:
Given as benign here:
Malware has been closed:,review+desc

It is frustrating that several website scanners will still flag a site as with malcode as it already has been closed after 1.3 hours of time at 2014-02-01 00:07:20. So this has to be evaluated every time through live scanning or at the proper resources!

The unknown_html_RFI_shell malcode that now has been closed was initiated through a Superuser tracerouting attempt via debug info.
We have seen quite an amount of these automated probes and attack attempts lately.

See WhatWeb data: htxp:// [200] HTTPServer[Apache],
 Adobe-Flash, Google-Analytics [UA-38251232-1],
 Apache, IP[],

Blacklisted URLs on AS: 1105 ->
 JQuery, Title[SAS Energia],
Site security still questionable, see:
Technology report on site:
source code:

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