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Odd Behaviour by AVAST
« on: March 11, 2014, 11:50:51 PM »
I thought I'd post the experiance I had last night and today as info for all out there should they have the same issue.

Whilst on my Win XP machine last night I noticed that the AVAST front page was red and listed as subscription expired.

I renewed my membership for a year and all seemed well untill I tried to activate my new license, upon hitting the activate button I got the following message:
Unablke to insert the license file. The licenseis not valid for this product.

Perplexed I handed the problem over to tech support, and after reading through their reply which gave me several options, I was dreading having to try and fix the problem myself.

Well I fired up my machine this morning and after a bit I opened AVAST and the front page was normal everything good. Suprised I went to my subscription details and it advised I still had 50 days remaining. Now, I had been thinking on the subject of the expired subscription overnight and it occurred to me that I wasn't home this time last year, I was away with work, and didn't renew my subscription till I got home in early April.

From the subscription page I was able to activate the license that I'd downloaded to my desktop last night.

Does anybody have any ideas on what caused this?