Author Topic: Any disadvantages using USB 3.0 ethernet adapter Vs Built-in Ethernet Port ?  (Read 2691 times)

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Some PC knowledge but not a tech here so I'd appreciate some help since I'm looking to buy a PC table or Ultrabook. I like the T440s for screen size and specs (w ethernet port) and the Yoga for the Digitizer pen and table mode... (not strictly necessary)
The Thinkpad Yoga convertible ( i54300u or i7 4600U w/2 USB 3.0 ports, no built-in Ethernet port)

I will be using more cable Ethernet many hours and less wireless:

Besides the hardware getting flaky, damaged, lost or stolen etc disadvantages:

    -Is there any security or other disadvantages using USB 3.0 ethernet adapter Vs Built-in Ethernet Port ?  Installing device driver that it implies?

    - Would there be problems with AIS Firewall and/or sanbox ..any need for specific setup laptop/network 

Would it suffer from weakening Signal.. or loss in speed, crash?

Does Avast Sanbox works as VMs Virtualization?

Looking at those intel choices since I read the Intel i5-4200u/i7-4500u do not support much Virtualization and I'd like to install linux as well

This questions might not be valid but just want to know to make sure. I've already have slow connection/blocking.. using sanbox and stopped using Safe zone due to crashing - which is another subject :)

But would like to know of any trouble I might avoid going with the T440s or any other suggestion would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance for answering :)
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