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host unreachable during manual update
« on: March 20, 2014, 10:16:25 AM »
1 week ago avast did not up dates its virus definition automatically so I tried to update it manually however, it kept saying host unreachable or unknown error.

After many tries and amost 1hr later I come to the convulsion that its not going to update, so I disconnected it and tried 1 week later, I manually updates it and it constantly shows the following text:

      [100%] Downloading.......(don't remember exact text)...vps
      [100%]host unreachable
      Host unreachable
      Host unreachable
      [100%] Downloading......ccd-cca...vps

After sometime it says updated this normal?

Btw the 2nd time it wasn't able to update automatically is because a few minutes after the PC connected to the internet the router was switch off by someone I have to on it again and wait for the router to startup. So I assume it would not update automatically this time round since it has tried and was unable to connect so I tried to update manually.
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