Author Topic: Poor scores At AV-Tests,what's going on avast?  (Read 13333 times)

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Re: Poor scores At AV-Tests,what's going on avast?
« Reply #30 on: March 29, 2014, 05:12:13 PM »
I'm not blind, i see perfectly well. Especially considering how long i'm following avast!. I think it's 10 years this year.

Rejzor,not commenting on your experience with Avast! No offense to you.You have better experience with Avast than me.RESPECT!!

Yes product quality is decreasing because of the unwanted bloat and it needs to be fixed.Come on Avast,steer the money into protection areas not in marketing.  :-[

As I mentioned on Wilders Forums I no longer use or recommend avast anymore.I moved all clients to different solutions.I just hope avast to get back on track soon.

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Re: Poor scores At AV-Tests,what's going on avast?
« Reply #31 on: March 29, 2014, 05:51:24 PM »
Hi True Indian,

Always had a feeling you hadn't installed avast! yourself.  ;D
Your av is just part of any security set-up.
avast! kept me free of malware during the last couple of years.
Whenever you see what scanning I do in the virus and worms,
I came closer to malicious site code as anyone could without actually trying to go there.
So if there is anyone who could say something about avast protection status  8)
Well I know a bit about what it does and does not flag.

I am very pleased with the added security from avast shields.
I liked the added security from using avast"s software updater.
I definitely do not like GrimeFighter from what I have seen and experienced from other users recently.
For dropbox I cannot say anything conclusive.

The avast backend trouble could not be avoided, but hopefully is only a one-time incident.

But there is more about securing your PC than just installing a resident av solution.
There is additional non-resident tools like I have installed SAS, MBAM and MalwareBytes anti-exploit.
I am not particularly keen on avast! Web Rep.
DrWeb's url-checking extension combined with BitDefender's TrafficLight give a far better overall protection.

Again said the avast shield's detect a lot of issues all other av solution let pass by unnoticed
(script detection issues, avast has some keen avast team developers there).

What is still an unnoticed  threat and this is so for all av solutions,
is that cybercrime sites and IPs aren't being blocked under all circumstances,
see what goes on here:
(do not click any results there, you have been warned!).

Recently I have analyzed a lot of SE redirections,
clearly meant to curve the bends for fraudulous clicks,
but again largely going under the av detection radar (see killmalware SE redirect flags).

I also frown about solutions hyped like the White Hat Aviator browser,
which is mainly a hyped Google Chrome clone with some added extensions and standard search engine.

Users that know what do do have a decent adblocker solution with added malware blocking,
a decent script blocker  like NoScript or ScriptSafe and Request Policy extension installed
and feel more secure against malscripts and third party crap.
In these respects bad test results are just a hick-up once in  a while.
But still we should keep the av-solutions pulse to establish it is going the right direction.

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Re: Poor scores At AV-Tests,what's going on avast?
« Reply #32 on: March 29, 2014, 08:45:54 PM »
Tests are mostly useless these days,they are just for geeks like us to make fog opinions on AV's.
or teenagers.....evrytime they see a new AV on top in a test, they reinstall...... and run full scan 10 times a day with evry free tool found on the net

Most of the "teenagers" I know don't use / know how to use an antivirus, much less know how to use a Desktop PC.

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Re: Poor scores At AV-Tests,what's going on avast?
« Reply #33 on: March 29, 2014, 10:42:03 PM »

The avast backend trouble could not be avoided, but hopefully is only a one-time incident.


It's hard to attribute the low scores to a one-time failure, presumably of relatively short duration, given the time span during which avast! 2014 has scored poorly:

Windows 8, Nov-Dec/2013[report_no]=134923

Windows 7, Jan-Mar/2014[report_no]=140613

These tests appear to span at least 3-4 months and use avast! 2014.

They show a marked decline in performance scores from earlier tests using prior versions.