Author Topic: I Didnt Install Chrome At First... But I Have To Because I Update?  (Read 1071 times)

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So its evident most people don't get it that Google sold Americans data to the NSA then tried to blame it on the big bad NSA, even though they had agreed to turn it over through various, earlier start-up projects  All the NSA did was ask for what GOOGLE AGREED TO IN THE FIRST PLACE FOR MONIES.

Can we stop trying to force it on me through updates?  Sometimes I am not present for this PC to be updated and Im tired of my mother feeling bad because it cant be UNCHECKED by default AFTER updating.

Can this please be fixed, or is it fine that a security vendor force a product Im not choosing simply because Im not present for the update?

ATTENTION MODS:  This thread is NOT any political banter.  It is fact.  My lil ol ISP tells the NSA to get bent on the daily, so if a little company can. why couldn't world domination force Google?  Its fact, not opinion or political statement and any reply to this thread should ignore the introduction in their commenting, or maybe be a troll.  Its up to them. -Pete has had to authorize the monitoring of one IP in his 20 years as Utahs FIRST internet provider, due to the users own release of privacy through the IC3 administration(s).
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