Author Topic: I was double charged for my anual renewal!  (Read 1119 times)

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I was double charged for my anual renewal!
« on: April 03, 2014, 08:00:22 PM »
I am absolutely disgusted and furious with the total lack of customer service your company has given. I put in a request ticket last Saturday about this issue and I have yet to get ANY response. This ticket system is a fallacy and absolute bullshit. It is a way to get around actually dealing with any problem with any basic human dignity. Your company stole money from me and yet has taken no action to fix the situation.

I was charged for my renewal of $39.99 and then again for $49.99 on Saturday. I had to spend a few days panicking about paying overdraft fees and whether I could eat or even afford to go to work.

How is it that you think you can do this to your paying customers? At least give me my $49.99 back so I can afford to eat this week.