Author Topic: Would like to now more about a feature of avast free Access anywhere  (Read 1989 times)

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HI I was wondering if someone could please give some advice a feature of avast free.  This feature is Remote assistance access anywhere in avast free lasted version.

For starters how does access Anywhere work in avast free?

Does the other person have to have an avast account with avast free before you  can access anywhere in avast free to access this persons computer over the internet?

What I am trying to say is this if I put avast free on someones computer and I want to connect to that computer through access anywhere does the person I want to help on their computer have to have an avast account before I can connect to their computer to help them?

When I have connected to this persons computer what can I do now that I am connected through access anywhere through avast free?  What can I do can I run scans and if a virus is found can I put that file in the virus chest?

Do I need to have good connection to run access anywhere on another persons computer or even connect to a persons desktop or laptop over the internet?

I should mention the reason I am asking so many questions about this feature of avast is because I am thinking of installing avast free on someone's computer who needs some tech support once in a while and I would just love to now more about this feature as well.  Since I have never used access anywhere with avast before.

Thanks very much avast team have a good weekend
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Re: Would like to now more about a feature of avast free Access anywhere
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and if they dont have avast, there are is one.