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Sygate Pro Problems Again After Update
« on: July 16, 2005, 09:40:48 AM »
Until this morning I had been running v4.6.623 and it's been OK with Sygate although I'd had problems before when trying to use the automatic update due I think to the Setup program in avast! changing and Sygate Pro does not work with this system. on all system although some people don't seem to have a problem between the two.

 I went through and found my original posts when I had the problem before.;topicseen#msg97418

After getting continuous prompts about the update I decided it was time I did so (big mistake).

I couldn't remember exactly what I did last time but did recall the automatic program update wouldn't work so I downloaded the new file and then update directly through the Windows>Run command.

The update seemed OK however I'm now getting continuous requests from Sygate Pro to allow avast! antivirus Update (avast setup) to connect to (, the actual download number varies each time. I also had avast! WebScanner (asWebSv.exe)-avast! antivirus Update(avast.setup) requests but these seem to have stopped.

Despite giving antivirus Update permission through Sygate Pro the requests kept coming.

I have now set both Program and Virus Database in avast! to manual. I also removed avast! antivirus Update from Sygate Pro applications, this seems to have stopped the requests. I have also right clicked the avays! icon in the taskbar and selected Updating option iAVS Updating and when I have given Sygate Pro permission this worked and has not caused any further requests nor placed an entry for avast! Update in the Sygate Pro list of applications.

Although this seems to be a working solution ( I am keeping my fingers crossed) it will be  really annoying having to remember to update the virus database on a regular basis, the manual program update I can live with.

I'm now reading through the earlier posts for inspiration and at the moment have followed the advice given by Jarmo P in the second of these to set avast.setup as a client in the Advanced Application Configuration section of Sygate and set avast! to Ask when update is available for virus Database updates and I'm going to see how that works.

This apart I am really pleased with avast! it does everything I want but it makes me reluctant, once I get things stable, to venture into updating.

Any comments, help much appreciated.