Author Topic: When i reboot my Computer Avast!Online Security pop up automatically. Why?  (Read 2277 times)

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This past week when I reboot my computer this page called  avast! Online Security Settings pops open each and every time. What is this page? How did I get it? And why does it pop open every time I reboot my computer. This is what I get:  I did not have this page before I sure don't need it now. I am using Windows XP I am using Mozilla Foxfire.  I do not hear any good things about "Chrome".

avast! Online Security Settings
Scans websites for malware and prevents phishing
Do not track
Detects and blocks unwanted advertising and prevents analytics sites from secretly tracking you
Block social networks by default
Block ad tracking by default
Block web analytics by default
Block others by default
Detects and corrects mistyped URLs and directs to legitimate sites
Skip prompt and automatically redirect to legitimate sites
Switch to SafeZone for sensitive financial sites (requires avast! Antivirus installed)
Allow submission of anonymous data to enhance our services
Search engine results
Enable coloring of search results page
Enable popups on search results page
Receive SafePrice shopping recommendations on relevant sites.