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Deploy works, but no post-install communication
« on: March 31, 2014, 05:20:09 PM »
I successfully ran a deployment task from the EAC to another server (we'll call it the client henceforth).  Avast is up and running without issue, but there's no communication with the client.

The server and client are on the same VLAN, no firewalls enabled on either, and everything else between the two works fine.  I have a valid license for 20 clients, but only have pushed 2.

The following is in View -> Show EAS Logs -> Server

[2014/03/31 11:01:23.592,1528] Unable to obtain object by its name, error 0x0000A410
[2014/03/31 11:01:23.592,1528] sqlFreeConnection with fReturnToPool=false (error handler)
[2014/03/31 11:01:23.592,1528] SQL Server connection has been destroyed...
[2014/03/31 11:01:41.841,1528] Client 0x0207F4D8 idle
[2014/03/31 11:01:50.950,1368] Checking clients connection status....
[2014/03/31 11:01:54.466,1528] Task started using the 0x006F2D66 session
[2014/03/31 11:01:54.466,1528] New connection to SQL server has been created...
[2014/03/31 11:01:56.013,3596] Some client requests connection...
[2014/03/31 11:01:58.497,1528] Engine is not handled, probably out of licenses...
[2014/03/31 11:01:58.497,1528] sqlFreeConnection with fReturnToPool=false (error handler)
[2014/03/31 11:01:58.497,1528] SQL Server connection has been destroyed...
[2014/03/31 11:01:59.309,1528] Unable to load 0x08X task, error 0x006F2D66...
[2014/03/31 11:02:00.497,2120] Removing socket 0x00000590 after MSG_DISCONNECT
[2014/03/31 11:02:00.497,1528] MSG_DISCONNECT processing...

My two clients both show a trial period and have none of the settings configured for them.

Any thoughts?

Max Marak

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Re: Deploy works, but no post-install communication
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2014, 01:02:05 AM »
Licensing doesn't actually depend on how many installed products you have, but how many machines that the console can find in a discovery job. For example, if you have 101 devices in your AD computers group, but only 100 licenses, you will likely not be able to deploy a single client until you either remove the machine from AD, or increase your license count.
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Re: Deploy works, but no post-install communication
« Reply #2 on: May 05, 2014, 07:20:16 PM »
I had problems if the local firewall was enabled on pc's.  Shut off firewall, then it was able to talk to my server easier.