Author Topic: The OpenVPN Project (openvpn.exe) part of Avast's installation.  (Read 25535 times)

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Re: The OpenVPN Project (openvpn.exe) part of Avast's installation.
« Reply #30 on: April 22, 2014, 08:25:15 AM »
It is not a "general" installation of OpenVPN that the user is supposed to use directly. It's simply a supporting module for one avast! feature - avast! SecureLine (i.e. part of avast! installation). So, it naturally doesn't appear in Add/Remove program itself (just as every single DLL in avast! installation folder doesn't show there).
You can go to Add/Remove programs, select avast! Antivirus, choose Change and Change - and then you can tell avast! to uninstall the feature(s) you don't want.
If you, the user, want to remove SecurLine in order to remove the Secunia PSI flag, then perform a change operation as igor says, either in Add/Remove or Programs and Features and then deselect SecureLine.  Allow the change operation to complete.

One important step that is not readily apparent as avast! does not ask the user to do so, is to reboot your system when the change process is completed. 

This step must be done to ensure proper operation of whatever version of avast! you are running.

For example, if you use AIS, the built-in avast! firewall will not run correctly anymore, after the change operation is done, as the avast ndis filter driver is replaced during the change operation. 

It will not run properly again until a reboot is done.  Opening AIS after changing SecureLine to inactive status will show the avast firewall as running but not reading incoming or outgoing packets at all; only after a system reboot, will it be back to normal and your avast! firewall will work as before. 

You will also appear to have lost all application filtering rules before reboot, but these will all reappear after the reboot is done.  And removing Securline from avast! features will also remove the PSI flag.

As always, use custom install for features and add-ons to remove anything you will not be using now or in the future, and this sort of thing should  become a non-issue for most users.   ;D
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Re: The OpenVPN Project (openvpn.exe) part of Avast's installation.
« Reply #31 on: April 24, 2014, 06:19:51 PM »
I contacted Secunia about the PSI ding everyone is talking about on forums everywhere, and the technician said to try the scan again. This time it cleared up, so Secunia must be listening to Avast fans everywhere! Thanks! And a tip of the hat to Avast and Secunia PSI. I wouldn't want to do without either one of you!!  ;D

P.S. - I didn't try to do anything about the file in Avast's folder, I just wrote Secunia and re-scanned  today - that is all. I never deleted the .exe file or did any modification - just to be clear!
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