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JS:Downloader-ZY [Trj], Strange White pages open
« on: April 29, 2014, 02:33:25 PM »

I'm currently very concerned about my computer.
Not a bit ago Windows XP went out of support, and after that date I had a few problems.
First, I accidently installed Mobogenie with a bit of other programs I did not intend to. Scanning my computer with avast showed me that my computer had about 8 suspicious files, which are in quarantine ( virus insolation ) now.

I was feeling mostly safe after that incident, but about yesterday I was surprised to see Avast saying it blocked a dangerous file. I clicked to see more details and this is what the program showed me :

Blocked Infection:
URL:   h_utils_cdneurope_com__js__mo_js|{gzip}
Infekcja:   JS:Downloader-ZY [Trj]

I first encountered this thing when I was entering Super Mario Wiki ( I'm a gamer, by the way ).
I never encountered a warning from my antivirus when entering that page. Also, during the last hours before I went to bed, I encountered a suspiciously looking Mozilla tab opening. It doesn't open in the same browser, but opens on a separate one. This thing is bassicly not full screen, it's always on the bottom of the screen, and I never see anything on it apart from a white screen.
The window seems to function properly, as it doesn't show it stopped working BUT, it somewhat lags horrendously when it opens. Speaking of which, the strange tab seems to open only when I click on a link on a website, although I'm not sure if it does that only then.
So, after getting sure that Avast took care of the infection, I proceeded to do my own stuff, and I didn't saw the infection warning until today when I returned from school.
I visited MMO Forums today, a popular forum for games.
To my surprise, the infection warning popped up, despite the page being visited by me alot without any warnings before, and the strange tab also decided to appear.

This is really important, because I also recieved a email saying that my Steam account was trying to be accessed from a different computer, but in a really strange way.  :'(
The Steam email showed me that it was accessed from the same IP as my computer has, but from a totally different location. And before you ask, no. I don't have any friends nor family members living in that location.

I'm asking for quick help, as I don't see this suspicious infection in my virus box/quaratine.  :'(

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Re: JS:Downloader-ZY [Trj], Strange White pages open
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