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Re: Expired License File?
« Reply #15 on: July 21, 2005, 05:55:04 AM »

1)I think I understand the idea behind the managed clients license file. Thank you for making it a little clearer for me.

2)My assertion that the auto-update not working BECAUSE of the license was simply an educated guess. The fact is that I have no idea how Avast works so I was just guessing. As a note,  uninstalling ADNM and reinstalling it and inserting the license during setup, seemed to make everything work. My only client that did not automatically update, did in fact update when I ran the VPS update task again. So it looks like all of that works.

3)My final problem was that I could not install the managed netServer program. I did as suggested and ran the command line /server switch and it worked perfectly (although it would not work earlier!). It very well could be a bug in Avast not seeing the Small Business Server as a valid license. Hope someone fixes that!

So bottom line, all of my problems seem to be solved now. Hopefully this thread will be helpful to someone else as well.

Thank you again.
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