Author Topic: Avast breaking Steam downloads  (Read 2022 times)

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Avast breaking Steam downloads
« on: May 04, 2014, 08:29:54 AM »
Just purchased Star Wars Empire At War via Steam.  Never had this issue before (bought a game about a week ago without running into this), but for whatever reason Avast wouldn't let Steam finish the download.  It's been chewing away at my bandwidth for 3 hours to update 2 files which were less than 60k in size.  The weird thing is the files were the only thing updating on my computer (and they were both less than 60k).  Avast had no warnings, I'm not even running the Firewall (just File, Web and Mail shields only).  No warnings in Avast, nothing shown as being detected.  But I was getting so frustrated after trying everything to fix this issue,  and as a last resort I disabled Avast and immediately Steam finished the download.

So just a heads up for anyone else having this issue, otherwise you will be downloading for eternity.