Author Topic: Possibly of Avast Blocking Windows 8.1 Modern App Game-Ashpalt Airboune 8  (Read 1383 times)

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Hi There

Open the Modern app game, try to hit the word play, and No response, none of the buttons respond at all.  It was working previously...The files are sandboxed in C:\Program Files\WindowsApps, can't even access with PC admin account, so why does Avast block or detect these as Malware is what I don't get.    All I want is every program I wanna use functioning--(already saved Avast uninstall tools) if I get too frustrated out it comes for good at least from this WIndows 8.1 PC

All I know is the game worked fine a few days ago, Now when I open it--none of the buttons respond since it's full screen Modern application I can't see if Avast pops up anything or not.   

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