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we are using Avast Endpoint Protection Suite Plus, since approximately 10 days I have some Issius on my clients Using Avast.

Problem 1:
We have Office 2007-13 in use. Unfortunately, it happens since that period that Outlook crashes again and again by the Avast Outlook Add-In. Outlook gets terminated and restarts. A workaround is then to just disable the add-in.

Problem 2:
Remote assistance is not available anymore, I get an error DLL aswARA.dll cannot be loaded. It works after a new Installation, but after a short time the same error occurs again.
Thanks for the support

Console: SOA
Client: 8.0.1603

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Re: Outlook AddIn crashes / Remote Assistence cannot be loaded
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We have the same problem on three different installations, both with Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Protection Suite Plus, on Windows 7 64 bit prof. /SP 1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 confirmed. With Office 2013 and Office 2010 and without any Office installation. aswAra.dll cannot be loaded, remote assistance thus not working. The problem is on since about 2-3 weeks. After reinstall it works, but only for a short time. Please help. It may be connected to some Windows update, since on the server machine were we postponed updates it worked until updating today, but we could not track down the specific update due to circumstance.
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