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avast free quick scan
« on: May 14, 2014, 10:59:29 PM »
Hi, there, I need to find out some info about the quick scan.

First of all, I have changed my hard drive, as my old one was dying. But, it has the same amount of disk space as my old one.
Now, I have noticed that on the scans I have run since I changed & formatted it on 5/9, they scans take WAY longer, like 1 & 1/2 hrs. compared to approximately one hour on my old drive.
I have also noticed that whereas on my old drive, on the quick scan(haven't been using the full scan since it was upgraded to ver. 2014), would do about 53 or so GBs, now it's been scanning about 97 or so GBs, and I have 108GBs of data stored, also about the same as on my old drive.

I don't understand. I also would think(and perhaps I'll try one), on the full scan, it would scan that much(97 GB) data, but not the quick scan??? It almost seems like the quick scan is the full scan, LOL.

If someone can give me some reason why this is so, I would greatly appreciate it. 

(And, excuse me, but do I get email prompts if someone posts an answer to my question? Thanks!)