Author Topic: SafeZone Browser problem, having to do hard restart.  (Read 1995 times)

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SafeZone Browser problem, having to do hard restart.
« on: June 17, 2014, 01:01:19 PM »
Sent a ticket #YPY-290-42124  with problem below. ( on the 23 April )
Avast safe zone browser seemed to work okay, but once i close safezone, go to click on anything on desktop, computer freezes. the only way i can get it to work again, have to do a hard restart, Turning computer off by 0n/off button.

Have update to Beta 9.0.2019.
Still have major problem with after using safezone browser, comp does not freeze anymore, but eventually, nothing opens and the mouse cursor just sits there spinning.  Have to do a hard restart.  Have done 4 reboots so far.

Don't use Safezone no problem

Will this be looked at while still in Betta.  :)

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