Author Topic: maximum storage size of your Google Drive™ account has been reached  (Read 1772 times)

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How is this possible? I'm currently using 2.94GB of 15GB of my Google Drive. So the maximum storage size of my account has not been reached. From what I understand, the only thing actually backed up to my Google Drive are my photos. I'm not a premium member, so my apps, video and audio files are not backed up. If I click on the Backup SMS.txt, Backup Calls.txt or Backup Contacts.txt, I receive a message that says "call log entries and SMS are not stored on Google Drive, but are stored within your avast! Account."

Additonally, I've been getting this message for about 2 months now, every few days.  Yet in that same time, my stuff has still been getting backed up.  Even on the days I receive that message, if I spam hit "Backup now," it'll eventually do it.  This leads me to believe that this error has nothing, in fact, to do with Google Drive.

What is this error message and how do I make it stop?  Thanks in advance for any help/advice.


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I have been getting this too... whats the problem.. i have checked many times.. i have plenty of drive space?


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Same here. Last few days...every day! only 0.78 of 15 GBs used

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