Author Topic: restore can't find the backup, but I can see it on the original phone  (Read 2539 times)

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I made a backup on my original Moto X phone, and I can see the contacts, etc have been backed up on that phone. I'm trying to move it to my new phone, but the new phone can't see the backup when I try to browse backups, so the restore button is never highlighted. This is the only reason I bought the premium version, to transfer my apps. Support sucks. When I go to the home page, a helpful popup comes up with 24/7 support and a phone number, but when I call it, they explain that number is not for mobile customers! um, could you perhaps put that in the popup, and direct me to the right place the first time? The phone support person said to do a trouble ticket, which I did, and no response so far. So I'm reinstalling all of my apps by hand.

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I have the same problem.  Is there any support at all?

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It is possible to perform a restore from your avast account online.  I've been struggling with this for hours.  I finally opened my account on and opened the information for the old phone.  Then I requested a restore in the selection toward the top right of the page.  When a window opens up to select the restore options you can select the OTHER phone.  Immediately it starts the restore on the second phone. 

I'm still struggling on how to restore the aps.  According to the log the aps were restored to the sd card.  I don't see them on the apps selection so I don't think they were actually restored.  If they are nothing but the apk files this is totally bogus.  When I read it will backup your aps I expect it to reinstall the aps with current settings.  Otherwise I would never have purchased the premium license.

Making progress.  Hopefully there is a solution for this.