Author Topic: Setting Up Rotel Rt-12 Network Player Manually with Avast Open VPN client??  (Read 3571 times)

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Seeing i am somewhat of newbie re networking and don't want to play with internet settings again, i am after someones help re configuring my Rotel Rt-12 Network Player ( to stream US radio stations (Hot97, Power 106, etc) from Australia.  Currently internet radio stations from the US, are region locked by country, limiting my choice in stations substantially....  Hence my purchase of the Avast VPN client as a work around.  Unfortunately i cant seem to get it to work and i believe its to do with a configuration in the DHCP settings or similar in my network player settings? 

There is a choice to select auto/manual DHCP settings on the Network Player itself. When i try automatic i have no joy.  I have also had zero luck when trying with the manual settings...  My method was examining the 'Avast VPN Secureline TAP Adapter' settings in my network configuration and copying these properties to my Rotel Network player itself.  However DHCP error was found when trying to connect??  Is it because these properties for my computer itself and my network player needs its own unique properties?  Or i need to enter the Router properties settings instead when using the VPN? I'm confused so if anyone knows a workaround to help solve this dilemma i would be extremely grateful?

My Rotel Network Player prompts me for the following information in manual configuration;
1. IP address
2. Default Gateway
3. DHCP server
4. DNS Server

Basically i am unsure whether to enter either my computer/router/network player properties or a combination to get these, in order to get the US stations to stream?  Or do i need to manually change settings within my router?  Too many options for entry level Windows 8.1 PC user if u ask me...

Thanks in advance