Author Topic: Windows7 (64bit) Desktop stops at aaswrvrt.sys. (FRST report included.)  (Read 1520 times)

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Hi guys,

My Windows 7 Desktop (64bit) cannot boot from last night.
When it tries to boot in safe mode, it stops at aswRvrt.sys.
When it tries to boot normaly, it stops when windows logo is shown.

Here is my report from FRST.

Oh, how can I attach a file??
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I PMed Essexboy.....can you modify your above post and just "attach" the log and take the info out of the post ?
It is easier for him to work with that way.
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Hi, I will try to restore the registry first, but you do appear to have an rpcss infection which will need to be cured

Download the attached fixlist.txt to the same location as FRST
Run FRST and press fix
Try a normal boot
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Thank you thekochs and essexboy,

i will try it later