Author Topic: Problem with Netveda and Stunnel  (Read 2155 times)

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Problem with Netveda and Stunnel
« on: July 25, 2005, 08:31:00 AM »
I'm using stunnel with thunderbird and avast for my gmail as shown by my friends on the forum. I'm very good at following instructions even when I don't understand exactly what I am doing.

Everything been working fine with ZA and Kerio firewalls on hard-wired PC and two wireless laptops.

However, with Netveda different ball-game.

Son's PC is hard-wired and is stable. Daughter uses wireless to access router and stunnel falls down a lot. I installed Netveda on my wireless laptop and had the same problem. Config shows stunnel as trusted app all the time.

Anybody got any ideas? The common link is Netveda.