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« on: October 23, 2003, 05:49:54 PM »
i'm ready to scream! for 2 days I have worked on this:
I have hp pavilion with win xp.  from the help I got after a 2 hour wait with microsoft it seems I had a trojon called  qhost-1, for some reason my avast didn't pick it up but when we scaned with something else it did and we supposly got rid of it. (what it is doing is causing me not to use any search engines, it shows a blue and white page and says "unable to find" then says research below with a bunch of topics to pick from but not the whole web) so we got rid the trojon of accourding to all the scans and I have done ALOT and it now shows clean but the problem is still there and the support tech after 4 hours of trying everything said I need to contact a virus dector support, (I think he just didn't know what else to try) we have downloaded the patch, we ran a spy ware, we did everthing EI suport pages said to about this problem, nothing works and I need my search that is what I use the most on my pc. please help!!!

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You can read this:
or this:

and install Spybot, update it and scan your PC. It seems that you still have the "qhost-variant" of the host(s) file.
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 ;D Raman!!!  you rule!!!!! thank- you so very much for the links!!! I finally got it off with the step by step instructions for removal and RESETTING!  Noone else could tell me what I needed to do ....thank you, thank you, thankyou!!!!  :)