Author Topic: How to disable or shorten the display of the "a" graphic overlay on https pages  (Read 1152 times)

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So I am pretty much a power user and I use my browser fast. I have a little online business and I need to print packing lists and invoices and what not, and all of this stuff is of course over https. So when I have the Avast! Safari browser plugin enabled in the top right corner a little "a" overlay graphic appears (which I think is a totally dumb place - please put it in the browser icon bar at the top, or make it so that it is view only and does not print if you need to inject stuff into my pages).

Anyway, we need to find a way to keep the Safari browser plugin enabled, but get either rid off the "a" overlay all together, or make it so that it does not print when I print a page. I know that the overlay "a" graphic does go away after a while, but man, who has that kind of time. Furthermore I find injecting anything into my browser pages that I look at is not ok. Avast! please get rid of this graphic, or make it so that it can be tuned off by the user, or if you must hijack and inject something into my secure browser pages then please make is so that does not print when I print out the page! You should be able to do that. But again, I would prefer if you would not inject anything into the secure pages that I view and process.

Please bring a fix soon. Thanks!