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Avast and Adobe CC 2014 Products
« on: October 09, 2014, 02:24:53 PM »
Has anyone else found that the latest CC 2014 adobe products will not run with Avast running ?

I first noticed this when I was trying to update CC yesterday (8th Oct 2014)

It would download the update, but as soon as it started to apply the update, ie run setup, my machine would go crazy.

My network would drop out.
avast! Service (32 bit) would use up a heap of CPU resources.
No matter how long I left it, it would not recover or continue.
I had reboot on many occasions to figure out what caused it.

When I terminated the avast services, the setup ran fine.  Updated all the adobe CC products

I turn Avast back on, and same thing is happening.

One of the other support forums suggested a full clean uninstall, and reinstall.

I did this, but no luck.

I've tried adding photoshop.exe to the exception list, still exhibits the same issue.   (I am able to terminate photoshop before it kills my pc)

Windows 8.1
Adobe CC 2014
Avast Free - 141009-0 [signatures]
Avast Free - 2014.0.0.2021 [Exe]