Author Topic: HELP PLZ - Avast firewall is somehow blocking connection - socket error 10061...  (Read 1264 times)

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Hi All,
We run a system on our PCs so that they can connect, called DRS. For the past few weeks we have not been able to connect one computer to the other on the network. We keep getting an error message, either stating: Socket Error 10061 Connection refused; or Connection timed out.
I know there are several messages about this, but the programme we are running doesn't correspond to any of the fixes.
I don't know which settings to change on Avast for this problem to go away. This is a very costly problem for us, and so hopefully there is some simple fix to this.
Help would be greatly appreciated,

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10061 = Connection refused, meaning that the connection was actively refused.
The packet made it, but was sent a reset because no port was open to hear it.

Open the correct port in the firewall and the problem should be solved.