Author Topic: Payment made and Grimefighter license not activated, no customer support help  (Read 2865 times)

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I brought Grimefigher license after few pops showing out of Avast showing issues with the laptop. I opted for 1year subscription and had the payment made online through credit card on 2nd November 2014. I restarted the system as asked, but I kept on getting the error message that I have no subscription for Grimefighter!

I had rasised two tickets immediately the same day, but as on today 9th November 2014, I have not got any response from the customer service team. Below are the ticket numbers for reference, but with no updates so far.

RSN-190-57905 and CFM-519-67734.

Is there any thing called customer service in place, there is a acknowledgment email which was received, but after that there had been no reply. Tell me if you don't care about customer, let us know, we will keep away from Avast.
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Have patience, it has been only 5 business days since you created a ticket.
Could even be only 4 depending on the time you submitted the ticket.


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It sounds so, but why it is not activated in the first place? I would be happy to not come over here if Avast collected money and issued me licese, but now I am 'AVASTED'.....

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Hi ssanojkumar,

I have sent your ticket to Support and asked them to expedite a response to you.  I will follow up later today to see what the status is.

Sorry for this frustrating situation.




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Hello Devidek,
Hope to get it resolved asap, understand that it does take some time, but should also respect that customers will have liberty of waiting for 2-4 weeks time, by that time they might even think of alternate software which will have a better customer service.

Getting a payment for a service and confirming the payment service is no rocket science. Why have you failed miserably in this simple task? You are now wasting my time in confirming the payment received and delaying the license due to me. Why are you testing the patience of customer with faulty systems in place?

This will only put off the customer by your poor online ordering service. Look forward to your quick resolution of this issue. Either activate my license or refund my money! Thank you.
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