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Forgot Password does not help you
« on: September 09, 2014, 05:45:27 PM »
I joined this board a long time ago and I forgot what password and email address I used. I tried the one I thought it was and it failed. SO I clicked on the "forgot password" button thinking that it would help. It does not. In normal forums if you enter an email address that is already registered it sends you a password reset. If you enter an incorrect email address or one that is not a CURRENT REGISTERED MEMBER then it fails and tells you that that email address is not yet registered here. This is good and the way it should work.

This forum doe not do that. If it is not a currently used email address then it just registers you as a new user. This is not helpful as it does not help me to figure out what the correct original account email address is. As a result I now have 3 accounts on here because everytime I put in an email address that I think might be my original one, instead of failing and telling me that I'm wrong it just keeps creating new accounts.

So if there is a forum moderator here can you help me please. I need to delete the last 2 accounts that were incorrectly created.