Author Topic: Blocking attacks through one of four email addresses.  (Read 1798 times)

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Blocking attacks through one of four email addresses.
« on: October 22, 2014, 10:30:34 PM »
Hi all. I'm the new kid in town and have a question.  I installed Avast and it works great on my Mac (MacPro 12 core dual 3.46 GHZ before acceleration!).  I use 5 email addresses (actually more, but these are the ones I use most!) Only one seems to show blocked malware messages. Great that they are being blocked, but why is only the 1 email address collecting them? The other emails get none, as in zero blocks required and some are much older addresses that the one getting the hits.

My question is why only the one email address? Is there something special happening at Yahoo that differs for that one, or is it just that a spammer or group of spammers are targeting that single address? The good news is that Avast is keeping my computer clear and clean.

The following are some recent blocked malware. Note that most have at least two blocks required! I dropped the http parts so they wouldn't be active links.

The only differences are  numbers after the / that vary. Some emails will even have multiples of the health-secrets blocked.

I see 20 plus per day appear in that one inbox. (and sometimes more than 100 in a day)

It is a Yahoo account and their server does put them in the junk mail box. Obviously their filters don't spot the malware that Avast does, so they pass them through to my email. I have numerous other Yahoo email accounts that don't have any attacks. The strangest part is that it is my primary business email account that gets hit and not the ones I use if I suspect a site's honesty. Of course it is also the email address listed on my websites, so isn't a private one given only to friends and family.

As a comparison, I run a Windows 8.1.1 partition under Parallels that required an extra malware removal program to find and remove the 164 malware it picked up through its Macafee "protection". Macafee protected against some 37 virii, but missed the malware! This was during a less than 30 minute online connection, downloading Windows updates from Microsoft's own server. I do not have any email downloading through the Windows side.