Author Topic: cant boot my computer normally or using safe mode. it gets stuck on aswRvrt.sys  (Read 1782 times)

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my computer had the sysmtopms of having a virus so i downloaded  Avast!. right about the time it was down downloading, the computer seem to have gone into a sleep mode that it would not recover from.  i rebooted the computer in safe mode and after loading a couple of files it gets stuck on


can anyone help. this if my first time using a forum to fix my computer specifically so you may need to walk me through the basics.
:the computer i am trying to fix runs windows  7
:i am using my laptop right now to use this forum
:my computer that is infected has a cd drive that does not work properly so i use an external cd drive so that may be a problem if i need to boot from it
i do have a copy of windows 7
if i boot up normally it give me BSOD after the windows logo
i do

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If you cannot  Boot the computer


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if i use a external CD drive to boot, will it still work or can you only boot up from the original cd drive?


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here is that file. it seems i was still able to boot from the cd drive. thanks.


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i hope my previous post did not lead to any confusion but i am still having trouble with this issue. in the previous post i was thanking the user for the advice on how to obtain the system report but i still cannot get past to my user sign  in whether using a normal boot up or a safe mode boot up.