Author Topic: Wireless card disables, disconnects and unstable for 5 minutes after logging in  (Read 1120 times)

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Ever since I installed Avast, my wireless card has been giving me problems.

I'll be connected to my wireless network, then I'll watch it disconnect.  Then it almost looks like the wirelss card is disabled for a minute, then it is enabled.... but I won't be able to see my wireless card for several minutes.

After 5 minutes or so, it'll connect again to the wireless network without any problem.  This happens, however, whenever I step away from my machine and come back.  it is VERY annoying, and I'm losing a ton of productivity.  5 minutes X10 times a day...  That's a lot of work time down the drain.

Any suggestions?

Windows 8.1 Intel 5300 AGN wireless card on a Dell XPS laptop.

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whenever I step away from my machine and come back.
There is the huge clue. Disable screensaver and power saving.