Author Topic: Idiot Q but got it as logging into bank - now looks like for free WIFI as wont  (Read 2938 times)

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 :o Maybe misread it but thought Avast was suggesting that since I was logging onto internet banking first time, should buy this to be safe. Always used phone in case to date. Now cant find anything but this having toured looking for installation. the link with receipt went to support but no secure line on menu. I know nothing about VPN if this is it.

Reading on a blog where the link doesn't work either, seems maybe I have been mistaken as I am on private WiFi home circuit and not in a cafe etc with free where I understand others can hack you etc.

If so a waste of money as on retirement - not to be wasted etc.  But then on TV today they say the government here in Oz us going to collect all data including banking data which is a bit alarming too.

Help ::) but remember I am not an advanced user.