Author Topic: Phantom avast Sandbox in my Flash Drive  (Read 1894 times)

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Phantom avast Sandbox in my Flash Drive
« on: October 22, 2014, 10:24:31 PM »
So what was going on here?

Yesterday I went to download some Apps over at my sister's house.  I stuck my Flash Drive in the computer and for the first time ever, I noticed that in the root directory of my Flash Drive, there was an "avast Sandbox" folder.  Normally all that is supposed to be there is a Documents folder and a PortableApps folder, an Autorun file and the Start shortcut.

What the .... ???  That computer doesn't even have avast ... never has.  It has Norton in it.  So, I thought, "Well, I guess that folder was put in there by avast over in MY computer for whatever reason.

However, once I got here to my computer and stuck my Flash Drive in it ... there is no "avast Sandbox" folder there in my Flash Drive's root directory any longer.  What's going on here?  Any insight?  It had never happened before.

I have avast 2014 9.0.2021 and Windows XP.
My sister's computer where the Phantom avast Sandbox folder appeared has Windows 8.1.
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