Author Topic: My Avast!can not open... what am I going to do? I received my registration nr...  (Read 3808 times)

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Dear sirs
My Avast! cannot run... What am I going to do???
Please, Help me...
By the way, I received my registration code to use it...


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What do you mean Avast will not run?
Have you attempted to install it?

Do the Avast icons (A and I) appear in the system tray?

If so, right click on the A ball in the tray and try to load the User Interface (Start Avast!  Antivirus).

Please try to provide more detail so I can help you.


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Besides what techie said, which is correct, why donĀ“t you give us some information about your OS and firewall  ;)

You will use your registration code when avast! run the first scan  ;)
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