Author Topic: Error (305) Requested service not available at the moment! Please try again late  (Read 2937 times)

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Hi could not access all the web features because i am receiving this error almost the whole day!

Error (305)
Requested service not available at the moment! Please try again later. (Antitheft)

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You should have posted this in the mobile forum.
But anyway, it means exactly what it says.
The server is encountering problems, try again later.


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I'm not able to download my free 1yr Internet Security license from 'Recommendations' page. It shows error-305  :(

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Unfortunately some of  Google API servers such as GDrive and service that is used to wake and contact Android device experiences an outage.

Since our AntiTheft server requires Google to provide an initial communication link to the device (wake the AntiTheft program in the device to start communicating with our backend), you were experiencing this issue. It seems to be up and running well now.

Generally regarding the 305 - Service not available issue - we understand how annoying it is and we have changed the behaviour (we are finalising testing and it should be out next week). Since there is quite a maze of Avast and other 3rd party services that need to fully function, it is very prone to this type of errors. However when one of the services is down does not mean, that you can not work with at all. So we pushed the severity of this error to each view. It is also automatically testing the state of the service and once the service starts running, it will auto-update itself.


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finally I got the free license  :D