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Version 5.7 is out
« on: November 05, 2014, 11:32:17 AM »
In this thread we will publish all new releases and their changelogs.:

Version 5.7 Change log (Mar 3, 2015)

  • Arc doe not require Premium license (Avast 2015 R2+_
  • New hardware information for your device (Avast 2015 R2+)
  • Security Ring completely reflect feature states (Avast 2015 R2+)
  • Improved upgrading of expired and expiring licenses
  • Ability to download installation files that are already connected to your account
  • Small bug fixes and improvements

Version 5.6 Change log (Jan 29, 2015)

  • for R2 beta testers: User now may connect to another PC with Avast (including Free) using the ARC through Avast Account in Avast client. Target devices needs R2 beta
  • for R2 beta testers: Secure Another device UI improvement. Since R2 release users can generate account pre-paired install files including premium product (with lic. number)
  • Replace the "karma" string by "points"
  • Security Ring reflects firewall state not just product Availability
  • We changed the badges and rank pictures and updated the whole UI a bit (icons, fonts etc.)

Version 5.5 Change log (Dec 19, 2014):
  • Security Ring and more intel on device overview page
  • Secure another device improvements (a first step in a major overhaul)
  • Mobile UI tweaks
  • Internet Explorer tweaks
  • bugfixes

Version 5.4 Change log (Nov 19, 2014):
  • GPS data switching to different formats in Location page
  • Export of GPS data to CSV file
  • Location page update
  • Mobile view tweaks - all fusion elements are collapsed into one mobile menu
  • VPS auto updates and shields status fix
  • Premium Mobile Backup commands are shown to upsell
  • Disconnect user profile from Social Media Security
  • IE display and optimization
  • Device Online/offline status
  • general bugfixing

Version 5.3 Change log (Nov 5, 2014):

  • A lot of performance improvements.
  • Switching map types - Roadmap, Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain.
  • Mobile view for locations page.
  • Export GPS data to CSV. - scheduled for 5.4
  • Toggling lat/lon format in GPS list. - scheduled for 5.4
  • Avast 2015 Wallpapers in Settings > Themes.
  • Bookmarks are now accessible from SmartBar. (SmartBar can be invoked by pressing spacebar)
  • Sleep mode - once you leave page suspends all activity to save resources.
  • Each service handles it’s own unavailability and auto-updates itself automatically once running again.
  • Avast Remote Control update (currently only in Account section of Avast 2015)
  • And loads of small bug fixes and tweaks.
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