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clarification of "hardened"
« on: November 21, 2014, 12:56:11 PM »
A friend indicated he ran Avast using aggressive hardened setting. He has the same software I have, Avast Internet security.

When I switched to this mode; I promptly got a message from Avast when I tried to start software that I use all the time. The message says that Avast had prevented starting a program on my computer.

The message goes on to say ... If you are sure ... add an exclusion.

Now the questions.

What would cause Avast to issue such a message for a program I clicked to run myself?
If I had just run a thorough scan (not the quick scan), and received a clean bill of health, does that qualify as "If you are sure" as in the message cited above?

If I get a message for an exe that I had not clicked on, does that mean I really have a problem.

In particular, I got a message about \SoftwareAG\EntireX\bin\etbadm.exe    and ... \bin\etbnuc.exe
I googled them and there are quite a few posts regarding them.

If I uninstall EntireX, should this eliminate any problems.