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Exclusions confusion.
« on: November 22, 2014, 01:42:08 PM »

I have been using Avast for about 10 years now and already in version 2014 (Free) I noticed that Exlusions can now be configured under two different menus other than just one as I noticed atleast until previous to the 2014 version.

(Exclusions under General Settings)

1. Open Avast Free interface and click on settings on the left side menu
2. Screen pops 'up, and you are in the General Tab Menu
3. Scroll down to Exclusions and as per in description you find the following comment:
(Type Paths and URLs to be excluded from scanning and from shield protection bla bla bla....

Fine!! But this is what confuses me now;

(Exclusions under Active Protection)

1. Open Avast Free interface and click on settings on the left side menu
2. Screen pops 'up, go to Active Protection
3. In the File system shield click on Customize (new window will pop up)
4. Click on Exclusions and basically I can see the same exclusion settings but I do not see these in synch with those found in General Settings.

Ok, I get this, you want to have a general Exclusions option for everything including On-demand scan and Resident scan with file paths and URL but if this is the case, why those exclusion in General Option are not inherited in those under Active Protection?

What is the point of having two separate places for the exact same purpose without an inheritance mechanism?

Should the Exclusions set under General options take presidency over the ones under Active Protection or the other way around?  I have not really understood this yet as I find no sense with these two options designed for the same purpose and do nt see any inheritance neither from those under the General Options or the Active Protection.

Hope someone knows how to answer this and sorry by the way if this may have already been discussed on this forum but I couldn't find any infromation related.


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