Author Topic: After having finished running Grimfighter, My Pc won't start anymore...  (Read 2428 times)

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Hi all,

I maybe have the same problem as many of you but mine looks a bit different. As multiple users seem to face problems while Grimfighter is running or after having aborted it, mine occurs after having completed its task...

Grimfighter has finished correctly his analysis, then has asked me to improve my computer which I answered by Yes. After completing this last step, My PC rebooted.... And is now blocked on the screen "Press F2 or ESC to run Bios"... Nothing more happen it can take entire minutes without any reactivity...

I maybe forget to mention that it is impossible to press any key to join the Bios, nothing answer....

Sorry if my problem has already been posted but I didn't find any clear mention of it so I take the initiative to ask you if there is any solution...

Thank you in advance !

Elrad  ;)


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Re: After having finished running Grimfighter, My Pc won't start anymore...
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As it may happen to other peoples, I will answer my own question.

42 views without any idea about how to resolve my problem... Fine.

I have changed the way to ask the question by not mentioning Grimefighter and search on google : "PC won't start, blocked on black screen".

I have found many answers but one worked with me but needed a bit of work :

If you are also blocked on a black screen inviting you to go to the Bios but are unable to type any command because the screen is, like i have had, frozen, just do as following :

1) turn your pc off,
2) unplug it
3) wait for a minute or so
4) find on your motherboard the CMOS battery
5) when found, take it off (which can take a moment depending on the way it is set on your Card - I needed a bit of time before taking it off)
6) leave the battery aside for 5 minutes or so
7) unplug your RAM (I have read this step, just did it, but I am not sure it had any effect on the good working of this process)
8 ) after having waited, let's say 10 minutes, set the CMOS back on your motherboard, plug your RAM, re-close your PC and plug it back
9) Start your Pc, everything should come back to normal, maybe the Bios will invite you to reconfigure it, if you didn't make any change to it, just go forward and enjoy :-)

My solution was found on a french speaking website called "Comment ├ža marche" (

If it can help those of you who are still stuck with Grimefighter,