Author Topic: A "New Device 1" is mysteriously in my account, and it won't load when clicked.  (Read 2224 times)

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As the subject indicates, in my's devices list there is a "New Device 1" (incidentially, the list has other devices which respond just fine when clicked on).

This "New Device 1" does not respond when I click on it, and as a result I cannot remove it or investigate what it could possibly be. Any advice on what I can do to have this remedied, besides waiting it out.. if it can be waited out? :/ When I check the browser console after attempting the click, it has this message: "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'licenseType' of null".

Speaking of which, yesterday my Avast abruptly said that my license had expired. It might be this license. I had to purchase another license to regain Avast access, despite my "expired" license having one more year to go before its true expiration. Attempts to download the "expired" license from the Avast website only led to rejection of the licenses by the Avast software.

I understand this is not support, just letting y'all know about the issue. I hope fixes are soon applied which will then resolve my present circumstance.


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I eliminated the problem myself today, via Live Edit of javascript in Chrome. After temporarily providing an appropriate check for if the device's license was null, I was able to access the broken device and delete it from my Avast account. Happy days.

If anyone else runs into a similar issue with being unable to access their devices due to a null licenseType (the error would appear in the developer's console of your browser, the outward symptom is a perpetually loading Device page after clicking on a device), I'll paste the temporary fix here along with instructions. This seems to be a rare and exotic error, fortunately.

EDIT: On a side note, I found a forgotten order related to the broken license, via Avast's order portal, and was able to deactivate the subscription renewal for it just to be on the safe side. Please do not forget to do this when dropping a license since licenses likely still renew even without a device having it installed. Ironically, I managed to get the old license to work but I might as well move on with my new license since it's been paid for already.
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