Author Topic: grim fighter shut my computer down & now wont reboot up, windows doesnt start  (Read 1979 times)

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Hi can anyone help
grim fighter has shut down my computer - I am unable to get into windows it just stays with the windows sign flashing.
It can only get into normal screen but does nothing, just windows sign or the computer tries to fix errors, for hours on end.
you can only get into setup f2, but what good is that to me, I,m not a computer wizard!
I have everything on that computer, work photos etc.
I have email tech & have a ticket........ what good is that when you don't get a response.
It was a Samsung laptop running windows 7, I think its 64 bit --------- I have read up on the notice board, people with the same problem, but no answers for repairs, this was back in july last year.
Can any one help-have any ideas?
I,m lost & don't know what to do ----- I really don't want to loose all my stuff on the computer!
I also think it wrong if avast know that they have issues with grim fighter/ why keep selling it. I had to speak to tech when I first purchased mine & it has never worked correctly.
Thanks Sue :'(
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As you have read, there are users having issues with GrimeFighter, and support (in any useful aspect) for this tool is almost non existent.
Being the we are just ending the Holidays and it being Sunday where many Avast Team are, there is little chance of Tech support immediately.
I will try to attract attention to your post and hopefully someone will respond asap. :)
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