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I have been an Avast anti-virus customer for 4 years; haven't had an issue. This year I decided to upgrade the update to premier and add on the GrimeFighter to help clear out my computer and get a boost in performance. Since the purchase Avast anti-virus freezes, not preforming scans, GrimeFighter is getting stuck in bios (apparently an known issue in the community) and data shredder is actually collecting 2.6g of useless data and just storing it in a folder--no shredding being done. After, filing a ticket I swapped several emails with technical services and none of the suggestions worked. I move on to calling technical services. I called yesterday 1/3/2014 the representative walked me through several steps to find out what the problem was. Apparently there's a corrupt file that is keeping Avast from doing it's job ???. Isn't that what GrimeFighter is suppose to take care of? Well Avast has Total Support and for only 179.99 I can have one-on-one technician services that will fix my computer remotely. I asked if it was guaranteed to fix my computer, avast anti-virus and GrimeFighter the rep said "absolutely! it's a compatibility issue and once we get the corrupt file taken care of your computer will run perfectly AND  the software will run correctly. I talked myself out of it, then in, then out....then back in to the service. I agreed and got in-touch with the "engineer" who was going to preform the tasks remotely. After 45 minutes the tech was finished and left a note stating all he had done. Unfortunately, nothing that was guaranteed happened or was done. Avast still freezes, the useless 2.6g folder is still there, GrimeFighter has now started to laugh at my foolishness for ever buying into the crap. I called back today to request a refund for premier, GrimeFighter and Total Support---the escalation supervisor said "no, we are not issuing a refund" :o. Nothing is working as promised, the technician didn't fix my computer--in fact my processor now times out when running certain graphics...the product is not what I was guaranteed I want a refund. The rep said that I will not be getting a refund....that's all. If I want to keep allowing Avast attempts at fixing my issues I can, but I will not be getting a refund. What CRAP is that!? >:(


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Re: Premier, GrimeFighter, and Total support--a trinity of EPIC FAIL
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This is 3rd party company and there are tons of posts by people having similar experiences.
There is an Avast contact you can send note to....not sure how that works...but from this post...... (Reply #3) is.......
contact Vojta Nekvapil - 3rd Party support Manager - nekvapil (at) avast (dot) com and recount your experiences with the 3rd party support.

Personally I don't get why Avast ties themselves to this type service that scams their customers....clearly financial.
You do have option with your credit card company to call them and tell them this charge was that they did not provide the service claimed.

For me, I only use the Avast FREE and during install (select Custom) I turn off every install option(s) except the Shields.
IMHO, Avast has good shields but the rest is not worth the $$$.
I know that this doesn't make you feel better being out $175 but I think your initial instinct to not dive in was correct.
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Re: Premier, GrimeFighter, and Total support--a trinity of EPIC FAIL
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@ 3rdnuit
Reported to Moderator. Let's see if that gets you any help. :o
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