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Confused by conflicting antivirus reports :/
« on: March 18, 2003, 02:28:54 PM »
I recently scanned my gf's computer for a virus she had detected by Kaspersky Lite. From a CD-ROM file, a warning said that '' was detected in a file of about 5-6MB in size.

I installed avast! and scanned the CD, but nothing was found. I also
ran PC-Cillin 2002 over the disc and nothing was detected. Perhaps Kaspersky had a false alarm.

Back on my gf's system, avast! detected several other files with bugs that were not seen before, either by Kaspersky or Trend's antivirus. I have some of the same files on my comp, and one file which supposedly had a 'ViCE [family]' virus in it, was shown as normal by both PC-Cillin and Symantec's scans.

Given these results, it's difficult to determine which software is providing accurate information - and it isn't really possible to run a few different scanners to get a second or third opinion.

Any suggestions for the best results?

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Re:Confused by conflicting antivirus reports :/
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2003, 03:04:20 PM »
It is difficult to say, if KAV has report  a false alarm or not. It  is a bit tricky to find out. Maybe the Doc was infected once with that virus and wasn´t clean properly, or it contains some macros leftover in  the Pcode or sourcecode?  Easiest way to find it out, is to send that file to and . I think both of them will tell you if it is a Virus or not.
The thing with the vice Virus could be a false alarm from Avast. I know they have false alarms on that Virus. Send that file to support@asw too.
It is allways usefull to use two scanners and  Kaspersky is a very good choice to get a second opinion!
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