Author Topic: 100% CPU Usage Avast.Setup & Setup.ovr  (Read 11168 times)

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100% CPU Usage Avast.Setup & Setup.ovr
« on: September 19, 2005, 08:10:08 PM »
I have the demo version of Avast Server / ADNM installed.

On the server the CPU usage is at 100%.  So I check Task Manager and its either Avast.setup or Setup.ovr.  I've searched the forums and these files appear to be related to VPS Update and Firewall issues, but I'm not running any firewall software on my server.  I run a dedicated Linux firewall, but there are no Outgoing restrictions, and Client computers can update fine...

If I kill the process then CPU usage returns to normal, but never for long as Avast.setup/Setup.ovr keep coming back.

Is there a fix for this problem.