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Questions fron a new user
« on: November 04, 2003, 12:41:07 AM »
I have just downloded and installed the latest version of Avast 4 Home, and have a couple of questions which are not covered in the FAQs.

1)      Win2K/OEv6. Avast warns of a virus as I am downloading e-mail, and brings up the 'What do you want to do?' dialogue. I select 'Delete', but then Avast brings up a nice big red box saying "Unable to Proceed, Can't find the file", or something like that. Think about it. It can't find a file that it has just checked.
If I try to close the dialogue box, the warning repeats, and Avast keeps on repeating this loop, preventing any more e-mails being downloaded until this virus-laden one has been dealt with.
How do I proceed?

2)     After installation, I ran a full check, and Avast found 13 infected files, 10 of which were Windows/Temp/Avast4 files, which the programme said contained the MiMail E1 trojan!!!!      
What's going on?

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Re:Questions fron a new user
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2003, 02:01:46 AM »
1) I have XP/OE6. avast! 4.1.289. Your problem seems to be the same as this one.
I'm waiting for avast! team to tell something about  :'(

I think this was an old 'bug' fixed with some special files posted by Vlk (Moderator) but I'm not sure... The behavior seems to be related either to your settings. Do you have Home or Pro version?

In Home version avast! does not 'automatically' deletes the file so it must remains untill you select 'Delete'...
Sometimes, I have already posted that avast brings up that nice big red box saying "Unable to Proceed, Can't find the file" either with files (virus test)

If the warning repeats, just click 'Cancel'...

2)  I do not have any files at C:\Windows\Temp\Avast4 folder...
But I'm sure avast! does not infect its own files  ;)
Do you have any other antivirus installed in your system right now?
Why don't you scan (on-line or backup scanning) your system with another applications (see links here).

About MiMail E1 trojan, take a look at here and here too.

A new virus is infecting computers that are connected to the
internet.  Mediacom wants to protect you, the subscriber,
from encountering any problems that this virus can cause to
your computer.  Mediacom is very concerned with keeping you, the
subscriber, aware of when a new a virus has been launched and how
you can protect your computer from being infected.  Please, take a
moment to learn how to protect your computer from infection.

General Virus Info:

1. Spreads via Email
2. The Subject line of the email will read "your account %s''
3. The email will have an attachment called ""

This trojan was recently added to avast! database (see this forum).

What's going on avast! team?  :-\
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