Author Topic: Ongoing Subscription After Cancellation  (Read 2215 times)

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Ongoing Subscription After Cancellation
« on: November 17, 2017, 12:28:10 AM »
On the last day of October, I have bought two products from Avast but due to some problems that I've encountered, I have decided to refund them. They have answered in haste (in 2 days) and not far from that day, they have sent me a message that the money will be transfered to my account back again and within another message, same day, telling me that they have made the transaction.

Today I have restarted my computer and there it was, the product that I have bought, Avast Cleanup Premium, on my desktop. I didn't put it there but not only that it appeared on my desktop but also on my icons every time I start the computer. And the funny thing is that my Avast Premium and Cleanup Premium subscription are still showing in my account as from the day I bought them, valid for a year like the way I purchased them. How come I still have them when they have sent me the refund mail? Is it possible that I might be using paid products free or they never refunded me the money?